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case study thumbs

Ask Questions

Provoking students to ask essential questions to deconstruct social stratification through a scenario-based interactive game


Migrant Farmworkers

Campaign materials for two grassroots advocacy movements supporting the basic rights of the migrant farmworkers of NC. Food for Thought Event Food for Thought was an advocacy event held in August 2009 which consisted of a panel discussion about farmworker injustice and volunteer opportunities, first-hand stories from farmworkers, local food, live dance performance, and a documentary screening. [...]


Mapping & Diagramming

An assortment of formal maps and diagrams which showcase information design, storytelling, content strategy, and copywriting.   large format Infographic map with research results // at education exhibit map with multiple nodes to explore history and use of tshirts      proposed information architecture map  // at client debriefing User Journey Map for multiple touchpoint [...]

case study thumbs5

Empower Collective Action

Rallying neighbors to create long-term impact on street corners through a collaborative mapping platform.


Spaht Speek Game

A dialect game for advanced theatre students   Spaht Speek Cockney Dialect Game Kit   Game play instruction as displayed on game packaging Spaht Speek logo Hotspot gamepeice featuring one Cockney dialect rule with examples Identity Pattern for Dialect Game Series

case study thumbs3

Extend The Walls

A museum acts as an informing agent through time and space. The 21st century museum extends past it’s walls to engage potential visitors and invite co-creators and participants.


Scientist B-girl

Observations from an ethnographic study displayed through a short film and poster with interpretive transcript.  Film featuring a day in the life of a scientist b-girl   poster displaying interpretive interview transcript   Poster detail            



Type and image exploration based on an essay about consciousness.   Magazine                           Typeface Concept


Plastic Bags

Environmental campaign to encourage the use of reusable bags.   Stills of ”Shopper Training Drills” (Interactive Campaign Video)           Campaign Clip, Yearly Consumption Stats    Campaign Clip, Gallons of Oil Stats